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Welcome to Diets Debunked, the all-encompassing dietetic service to empower you to change your life through diet and psychological changes.

"I originally contacted Kate about my IBS symptoms after googling dietitians' online. How lucky was I! The sessions I completed over 3 months not only cured my IBS but did so much more. I now understand my relationship with food, the reason for & impact of my decades of yo-yo dieting & just feel so much better all round. I realise it’s not all about the scales & finally feel at peace with my body. My only regret is that I did contact Kate sooner. She has both knowledge & empathy. I cannot recommend highly enough. "


- Emily, 55, Hampshire

Unique and personalised advice from an expert dietitian

Not only do we offer food guides and easy to follow dietary changes, but we also go above and beyond, using psychological techniques to make the changes a change for life.

Full support, anytime

Whether you're in the supermarket and are unsure what type of rice to buy, or if you're struggling to stave off an episode of overeating at home, we offer full texting service between sessions to ensure you always have the support you need. 

Tackling multiple issues simultaneously

We can help you to manage multiple conditions which may have contradicting nutritional advice at the same time, getting you the best results for every condition you have. 

In the 3 months we worked together, Kate has completely transformed my relationship with food. Coming from a background of restrictive dieting from a young age, I wanted to be able to lose weight while breaking the emotional connections I have with food and avoiding falling back into restrictive habits. Not only did she help me do this, but the whole process felt incredibly easy -- I kept waiting for it to feel difficult but it never did!

Beyond that, she's helped me in so many other ways. I feel in tune with my body for the first time in my life (I can recognise when I'm satisfied, hungry, when a craving is driven by stress or emotions) and I have an understanding of nutrition which is far beyond what I could've imagined. Kate has given me the tools to navigate all sorts of social and emotional situations so I know I can handle anything. Most importantly, she's helped me trust myself and has given me so much freedom around food!

Kate has been supportive and encouraging throughout the whole process, and these few months have inspired me to make much wider changes to improve my health and happiness well into the future. I can't recommend Kate enough!"

- Ella, 22, London

Kate Hilton, RD

" I help you see results short term, and give you the guidance to maintain them for the rest of your life"

Hi! My name is Kate Hilton, Registered Dietitian, and welcome to Diets Debunked.

I have helped hundreds of clients see real and long lasting changes to their health and wellness through dietary changes and psychological techniques to change their relationship with food and their body. 



What conditions can we help you with?

Specific medical needs which can be influenced by diet, including (but not limited to):

IBS, reflux, IBD, coeliac disease, diverticulitis

Diabetes (type 1, 2 and 3c)

Cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol


              Specific medical conditions which can make proper nutrition more difficult, 

                                             including (but not limited to): 

                Dementia, learning disabilities and other cognitive impairments

                Conditions affecting taste and smell such as long COVID

                Neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease

                                     Respiratory conditions such as COPD


            Nutritional deficiencies, including (but not limited to);

                                    Protein-energy malnutrition (low BMI)

         Anaemia (iron deficiency anaemia, pernicious anaemia)

          Osteoporosis caused by calcium or vitamin D deficiency


          Difficulties maintaining their weight, which may also include:

                      Disordered eating independent of an eating disorder

                           Difficulty choosing appropriate and healthy meals

                                                 Difficulty managing hunger and satiety


                         Special diet requirements, including (but not limited to):

                            Dietary restrictions due to allergies or intolerances

                                              Vegan or vegetarian diets













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Kate Hilton, Registered Dietitian.    HCPC number: DT31087   BDA number: 19187

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